Jonathas Mello

About me

Jonathas Mello

I understand photography as a way to meditate on the aesthetics of the world to rethink our own way of living. Going after sensible images is an endless journey, where not only technique is sufficient, but an implication of the photographer in the subject in front of his camera. Taking pictures as an essential necessity of self expression is selecting just one of the infinite images that surrounds us, to reveal inspiration through fugacious moments in daily life.

Jonathas Mello is graduated in Journalism with Masters in Knowledge Management and Dissemination, having already worked 9-to-6 with technology, marketing and design in private and intergovernmental organizations. Nevertheless, he has always been – more – interested in learning, experiencing and expressing what he sees, feels and thinks through photography. It is a camera his preferred tool for documenting and interpreting the so-called reality (he also paints to express inner thoughts and feelings). More on his professional experience can be seen at his LinkedIn.

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